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What is The Greenbrier?

The Greenbrier is located in white sulfur spring, West Virginia, USA. It is a four-star luxury holiday center with five diamond awards. The building is white, surrounded by green trees and flowers, giving people a sense of elegance. Since its establishment, the resort has always been a place of leisure for upper class people in various countries, and it is favored by many people.

The history of The Greenbrier originated in 1858. It used to be a small holiday hotel. At present, it is a well-known holiday center, attracting world famous people. There are many guest rooms in The Greenbrier's suite. In addition, there is a large conference center. There are many kinds of entertainment items, including golf, horse riding, hunting, hot spring, etc. Another reason why the resort is well-known is that its underground is the underground Congress prepared by the United States to prevent attacks by the former Soviet Union during the cold war. There is a sense of isolation in the bunker. However, the interior facilities are complete. If a nuclear war breaks out, all members of the house and Senate and their aides will be immediately transferred to the bunker to live and maintain the normal operation of the government.

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