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The most popular Geyser:Old Faithful

Located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, the old faithful spring was named in 1870. It is the first named geyser in the park and the most predictable geographical feature in the world. It is ejected every 90 minutes or so. According to the last eruption time, the next eruption time can be calculated.

Each eruption of laozhongshi spring is spectacular, with water volume ranging from 3700 gallons to 8400 gallons, and boiling water with temperature up to 95 ℃. Under the sunshine, the water vapor of the old faithful fountain flashed colorful colors. The spectacular eruption lasted for about 4 minutes, and it never stopped, so it got the reputation of "old faithful". The old faithful spring has always been such a punctual spray of hot underground mineral water brought by geothermal, unambiguously faithful, day after day, year after year, day and night in strict accordance with its time spray, it is really a wonder of nature, amazing.

Tourists who come here to watch and see the magnificent eruption scene of the old faithful spring will clap their hands and cheer. There is no director, no actor, only the surprises and miracles that nature brings to human beings.

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