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Have you been to the Science and Industry Museum of Chicago?

Located in Jackson Park in southern Chicago, the Science and Industry Museum of Chicago, founded in 1933, is the oldest and largest modern science museum in the United States, the largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere and one of the largest science museums in the world.

The exterior of the museum is ancient Greek architecture, and the interior exhibits are amazing. The museum is famous for its German submarines and satellite Helios 8 during World War II. The Chicago Museum of Science and Industry gathers knowledge of physics, chemistry, medicine, metallurgy, agriculture, transportation and engineering. Unlike other museums, it abandons the rules that other museums cannot touch and welcomes visitors to experience them personally. Tourists here can incubate chickens with temperature controllers, harvest huge combine harvesters, dig coal in deep mines, fly into space to explore, and cook with a solar cooker on the roof, which are very popular with tourists.

In addition, the first steam locomotive, the first diesel passenger car and the first Apollo 8 spacecraft orbiting the moon are all on display.

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