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Located in Tampa, Florida, with an area of 56 acres, the Zoo was named the friendliest zoo in the United States by Children's magazine in 2004 and recognized as the Florida Wildlife Conservation and Biodiversity Center by Florida.

At first, the zoo was just a small zoo collecting foreign animals. After years of development, it became a large zoo with more than 1700 animals and birds. One of the characteristics of the Lori Zoo is that it has a large number of unique Floridan animals, which are not available in other zoos, including Kailu, Pink Spoonbill, Florida Puma, North American Otter, Alligator and so on. Another feature of the park is close contact with animals, such as feeding honey-sucking parrots, stingrays, riding camels and petting West Indian manatees. In addition, there will be performances of penguins, crocodiles, Indian rhinos, Malaysian tigers, orangutans and other animals.

The zoo also specially opened children's playgrounds, including merry-go-round horses, mini-roller coasters, cable cars and other recreational facilities, so that children can not only enjoy animals, but also enjoy themselves.

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