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Two unforgettable landscapes in Big Sur: Fiver Beach and McVeigh Falls

Big Sur has two unforgettable landscapes: Fiver Beach and McVeigh Falls.

Feifer Beach is close to the cliff, peculiar is that the beach is purple - this is due to the weathering of rock walls, manganese-containing gravel drifting down on the beach. As the waves washed away, these purple gravels painted ever-changing patterns on the beach. Looking ahead, the cliffs in front of the beach were cut off by the sea, and they had left the coast and stood alone in the sea. Among them, a "arch" was pulled out stiffly from the center of a rock block. Every time the sun goes down to the west, the glittering golden light will come out of the hole. Therefore, some people compare this moment to "heaven opens its doors".

McVeigh Falls is part of Julia Fiver National Park. The park is full of sunshade redwoods, some of which have been growing for 3,000 years, some of which are 30 stories tall, standing on both sides of the road, like airtight barriers. Occasionally, in sparse places, sunlight penetrates the crown and clouds, leaving a mottled and blurred shadow in the forest, reminiscent of the projection of sunlight through the stained glass of the church.

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