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How much do you know about Grand Sur?

Grand Sur is a scenic spot in Western California. It has 160 kilometers of rugged and beautiful coast along the Pacific Ocean. It extends southward from Carmel, just south of Monterrey, to Hurst Castle, St. Simian. It is a winding, narrow, rugged coastal mountain road that offers spectacular views of the Pacific and Los Padres national forests.

The starting point of Big Sur is a small town full of artistic atmosphere, where Robinson Jeffers personally built a stone tower for his wife; its end point is an old castle with noble temperament, in which even swimming pool tiles are inlaid with gold, luxurious to the extreme.

This is also the end point for the "Beat Generation" to find their spiritual home. Henry Miller, a rebel writer, felt that he had a home in the world he was born in for the first time after the first half of his life.

Bixke Bridge, like a rainbow across the cliffs of the two mountains, has become an important landmark of Greater Thur. And the purple Fiver Beach and the waterfalls from the Sequoia forest are all the more beautiful scenery that Big Thurr can't miss.

On this winding, narrow, rugged coastal highway, the most beautiful and most indispensable landscape is a 150 kilometer coast from the town of Carmel to the town of Saint Simon. It's a miracle-filled coast-a 3,000-year-old Sequoia forest with 30 stories high; a concentrated view of the wild and soft sea; the home of the soul of American "Beat" writers... In fact, this part of the coast is Big Sur, once named by National Geographic magazine as "one of the 50 places people want to go in their lives".

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