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Monument Lur Na Vaho Tribal Park

Monument Lur Na Vaho Tribal Park

Sandstone landforms adjacent to Nevada, ranging in height from 120 meters to 300 meters, are among the best photographic spots in the world. Walk along the path and follow the tour guides to see the solitary hills and rocky terraces.

Unlike other countries or state parks, the map mark of Monument Valley is not so clear. From the general map, we can only find the general area of the Monument Valley, with a small area. The entrance road of the tribal park is perpendicular to route 163. The Monument Valley is not really a valley, but a vast Gobi with isolated hills and high platforms. This is a red land, an Indian reservation, the home of Navajo. Like most Indian reservations, Monument Valley has always been a rather remote backcountry. Up till now, there are still some Navajo people there.

This is the spiritual home of the Indians. It is the scene of many Western feature films and commercial advertisements. The vastness, barbarism, passion and savageness it presents in the films have become the classic of the Western and Central American wilderness.

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