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The Monument Valley is part of the Colorado plateau. The bottom of the valley is mostly a Cutler Formation of siltstone or a sand deposit formed by cutting through the valley from a river. The bright red of the Monument Valley comes from iron oxide exposed from weathered sandstone. The darker bluish grey rocks in the valley are derived from manganese oxides. The isolated peaks in the valley are clearly divided into many strata, and the most important strata are three. The bottom layer is the shale called Organ Rock, the middle is the De Chelly sandstone, and the top is the shale called the Moenkopi layer, and above it is the siltstone called Shinarump. There are many huge rock structures in the Valley of Monuments, including the Eye of the Sun. Between 1948 and 1967, uranium was mined in Montument Upwarp on the southern border of the Monument Valley, mainly in the siltstone area of Shinarump; uranium deposits in some sedimentary rocks also contained vanadium and copper deposits. The Monument Valley actually contains large areas around the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park, and the Navajo reserve corresponds to national parks, such as Oljato-Monument Valley in Utah, in the designated area of the Monument Valley. The Morning Monument Valley is seen from the Monument Valley Goulding's Lodge Hotel: the grey clouds are slowly dispersing, and the outline of the Monument Valley is becoming clearer.

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