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Denver Museum of Nature Science

Founded in 1900, the Denver Museum of Nature Science is a museum that tells about the natural history of Colorado, the earth and the universe, and is also an important museum for learning about the natural history of the Rockies. The 500000 square foot Museum has one million items related to natural history and anthropology, making it one of the most prominent museums in Colorado.

The collection of Denver Museum of Nature Science can be divided into six parts: anthropology, geology, health science, paleontology, space science and zoology. It exhibits animal fossils, skeletons, specimens, meteorites and natural gold mines. The permanent exhibitions in the museum include discovery space, Egyptian mummy, North American Indian culture, wildlife exhibition, space roaming, etc. among them, discovery space is a scientific space for children's hands-on practice. Egyptian mummies show us how Egypt preserves human bodies after human death. Space roaming tells about the magic of space, and wildlife exhibition is through the practice The landscape model shows a wide variety of animals that live in Colorado.

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