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The Shocking Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is located in north central Colorado. It was established in 1915 and covers 265761 acres. It is famous for its magnificent mountain scenery, diverse life and diverse climate and natural environment.

There are 578 km long sightseeing trails, 150 quiet lakes, 720 km long gurgling streams and more than 60 named peaks in the Rocky Mountain National Park, forming a magnificent landscape of continuous mountains, peaks and deep valleys. This unpredictable National Park is divided into two distinct parts by the continental Rocky Mountain Watershed. The eastern part is relatively dry, mainly covered by frozen mountains and basins, while the west is humid and dominated by deep forests. Hikers and backpackers love this mysterious land. Fishing, camping, rock climbing, mountaineering, horse riding, downhill skiing, cross-country skiing and TrimA skiing in winter are very popular. The peak tourist season is July and August every year.

Rocky Mountain National Park's Lake and mountain scenery is amazing, its ease and tranquility make people nostalgic, and its deep and broad is fascinating. Walking into the park is like walking into a wonderful world. The beauty is shocking and moving.

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