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The old Louisville water tower

Built in 1856, Louisville water tower is the oldest ornamental water tower in the world. It is older than the famous old Chicago water tower. The water tower and the nearby pump station are listed as the national historic sites of the United States. The inspiration of construction comes from Claude Nicolas LeDoux, that is to combine the beauty of architecture with industrial efficiency, and let beautiful architecture be used in industry, so as not to hinder the visual beauty of architecture, nor affect its industrial use.

The Louisville water tower, as a whole, is white and 55.8 meters high. It began to work in 1860. It is not only beautiful, but also highly efficient. It can produce 45000 cubic meters of water every day. The current Louisville water tower has been transformed into the Louisville Visual Arts Association since 1977. Various works of art are exhibited in the tower, and the annual party will also be held here. Many married couples will also choose to hold their own sacred wedding under the water tower, so that this historic building can witness their happiness.

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