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Mysterious Branson in Missouri State

Branson is the capital of performing arts in the central United States and a famous tourist destination. Branson is a small town in Tani County, Missouri, in the central United States. Its permanent population is only 7,000, but its annual number of tourist holidays is as high as 9 million. The town's tourism industry grew out of the fact that Clark, an American country music master, came here in 1983 to open a theatre, which made Branson famous among American music lovers.

Today, the town has not only the first-class natural scenery, but also the concentrated display of American rural culture. There are many theatres, which can be called the most in the United States. Because of the perfect modern tourism mode, but without gambling, wind and moon, Branson has become a family tourism resort in the central United States, and is known as "pure Las Vegas".

Branson has more than 100 live performances, known for his grand and bold performances, ranging from large-scale performances on the main stage to Dixie Denim Athletics, acrobatics, Elvis Presley Imitation Show, and the charming jazz in private bars. Yinyuan City Theme Park inherits the style of the 1980s, with 40 kinds of recreational facilities, live performances and festival celebrations, highlighting Missouri culture (like barbecue and bluegrass music).

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