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Natural Resources in St. Louis

The area around St. Louis was dominated by grasslands and savanna forests before the city was built. The main tree species, including oak, maple and pecan, are typical of the Osoka Mountains, while the riverside area is dominated by the American sycamore. Most of St. Louis's residential areas today also grow a variety of local street trees. At the same time, Japanese honeysuckle and other invasive species have caused some negative effects on local trees. Large mammals near cities include wolves and white-tailed deer, while gray squirrels, hares and opossum are also common. Large birds include Canadian geese, wild ducks, and egrets, herons and gulls that inhabit the Mississippi River. St. Louis is also located on the migratory routes of many North American migratory birds. In winter, many white-headed Eagles can be seen around the Chain of Rocks Bridge. Frogs are also quite common in spring, especially in rainy season. As there are more mosquitoes and flies in July and August, the houses in the city are usually equipped with screens.

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