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The famous Angel Stadium of Anaheim

Angel Stadium of Anaheim, also known as the anahan stadium and the anahan Addison International Stadium, is usually nicknamed "big a". It is located in annaheim, California, and opened in 1966. It is currently the home of the Los Angeles anahan angels in major league baseball.

Angel Stadium of Anaheim is a famous baseball field in California. It can hold 45037 spectators. It is the venue of the 1967 Major League all star game. It won the right to host it again in 1989. It has also hosted three U.S. League Division Series, five U.S. League Championship Series, and the most noteworthy 2002 World Series. There are also popular star players at Angel stadium in anahan, many of whom have set personal records, including Mickey manto's last winning home run, Nolan Lane's nine strikeouts to the Boston Red Sox, Reggie Jackson's 500th home run, and lo karou's 3000 hit.

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