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The Unique Banana Museum

There are many museums in the world, but the banana Museum in Hesperia, California, is the only museum on earth with the theme of bananas. Banana museum was founded in 1976 by barnester, who loves bananas. In 1972, he set up an organization called banana club, hoping to combine with like-minded banana lovers, which further led to the idea of establishing a banana Museum.

Banana museum exhibits a wide range of soft and hard exhibits, different shapes, as well as food made from bananas, totally for fun. The 17000 banana related exhibits in the museum were all donated by banana lovers from 26 countries. It took 27 years for the museum to gradually build up. The exhibits of banana museum are divided into six categories, including hard area, soft area, food area, gadget area, clothing area and Book area. On the walls of the museum, there are pictures of banana friends, greeting cards, stickers, outstanding articles, and photos of celebrities in the banana Museum.

Among the 17000 exhibits in the banana Museum, there are singing music bananas, golden banana metal decorative pieces, banana shaped clocks, banana shaped sofas, clothes with banana patterns, banana food, etc. In other words, everything you can think of related to bananas, this museum has an eye opening collection.

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